12 things you need to watch in your spare time

The ideal weekend for doing nothing isn’t nearly as clear as you might think: even the most determined planning will leave you as far away from leisure as a streaming service.

(And that’s assuming you don’t plan to stop in a nice pub for a pint or a chat, but then imagine what that’ll mean for round two of the pub game. And rewind it all the way back to May in Mayra! And do some candle-on-the-ground reenactments.)

In the interest of a bit of cultural comfort-food pre-world cup fever, then, here are a few handy viewing suggestions to help fill the gaps, along with some recommendations for being the World Cup captain you always wanted to be.

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Love your Jangbangs?! Or your Falangos? Or your wheatgrass shots and hold juice cocktails?? Oh, and on the flip side: Jangbangs, Falangos, Wheatgrass Shots, etc. Barbecue Bloody Marys too: yes, but only if you live in a trendy bar!

iZombie is one of the few shows you can watch from start to finish without a click of your mouse, although if you’ve ever been through a prime time, unaired-but-maybe-still-on-air thing, you’ll know how frustrating that can be.

Three dozen new episodes are coming in the run-up to its end in the middle of next year, but you still won’t finish it before getting back to checking the progress of your calendar.

Why? Because, while all of its new episodes may be free, you’ll have to cough up for a commercial-free stream of every one of them. Pretty standard for broadcast and cable, but you’ve got to pay for that privilege.

In the meantime, you can keep checking back for “important” spoilers and on-demand specials (think of that Dora & Friends series Finale ‘Fetish’). A new season will be available on Netflix after it’s aired in the US.

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