A Famous Dinosaur Making a Comeback

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A famous dinosaur in Canada is making a comeback…

FOX’s Kristen De Groot reports:

Happy the dinosaur is back… Happy the dinosaur is back with a new name!

Happy, the unhatched Banff chuckwagon dino stuffed dinosaur in a Banff, Alberta display was donated to the local city and provincial museum and given the name Happy.

It’s got more to do with marketing than genes.

University of Michigan paleontologist Dr. David Evans says it’s a rebranding idea to boost the important role Happy played in Banff’s roots, the Banff Tramway

Chunks of Happy still lie around in pots at the local museum.

Happy the dinosaur is one example of the 100,000+ federally seized animals in Canada’s “government-animal salvage” stockpile.

As long as the animal’s in pristine condition. And that some display of “quality control.”

Kristen De Groot, FOX News.

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