Art Basel America’s Rick Leventhal On Cardi B & Gwen Stefani’s Clothing Line

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Fox News’ Rick Leventhal is in Miami Beach where he’s got a full episode of Art Basel America on the Big Story.

Rick recalls what it was like to be backstage before a Cardi B show at the American Airlines Pavilion and tells you why she’s taking over right now, how electric the pop culture scene is as Barneys New York celebrated 20 years, when a new artist fell from the sky during a booming show, what’s the mood of an art dealer right now and why you don’t go to museums anymore.

Rick has more art stars who are also making their moves in Miami Beach, like rapper-activist-artist (duh) Meek Mill. He also speaks with DIY event planner Taylor Fernandes.

Then, Rick checks out a new van with an 8200 horsepower engine that was recently put up for auction at the British Consulate in Miami and is now headed to the European market in a time of high demand, how Leonardo da Vinci can be confused with Fiat Chrysler to get a new vehicle and Ross Barkan who is making surfboards on a sailboat.

Plus, nothing says spring like ‘Post Breakup Ready Clothing’ in the Big Story studio.

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