Best Writes 2019: Writing Canada

This will be the second-annual news forum on Writing Canada. Run by the Prize Sculptors Guild, an affiliate of the Atlantic Canada Council, this annual series will focus on Canadian fiction, letters, poetry, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction.

We hope you will contribute your favourite essays, stories, poems, fiction, essays, or short stories for inclusion in this inaugural Best Writes series. Any submitted pieces will be read and judged by a panel of finalists from previous Best Writes competitions in Atlantic Canada. Their selections will appear in the February 22, March 28, and April 26, or editions of A1 and A2. We are also planning to provide a companion edition of the best writings from this year’s winnowed-down finalists. A decision on which pieces will appear in the final 2019 issue will be made after the 15 finalists are published.

All submissions must include a cover letter and content description, printed in “left-cover” type or formatted as a press release in the margins of a full-page magazine layout, with contact information and format.

Don’t forget to include a watermark when you sign off! Send submissions to [email protected] with “Best Writes submission” in the subject line. Envelopes must be returned to the same address by March 5, to ensure timely delivery.

If you aren’t a registered member, you can sign up online at the guild’s site.

Good luck!

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