Dancehall superstar charged with sexual misconduct, but case ended

The New York Times on Friday reported that Travis Wall, a member of the Break the Floor dance group, was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct in his native Australia in August 2015.

According to the Times, the charges against him were dropped and the case closed in December 2015. He subsequently re-froze down in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran, and had to be stripped of his sponsorship by the Melbourne club he was dancing for, he told the Times. The club dropped the group because of the case, he said.

CNN has reached out to Wall’s management for comment on his situation.

On Saturday, Wall issued a statement to CNN announcing that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from the Break the Floor dance company and wouldn’t participate in their upcoming “The Great Dance Club Reunion.”

“I decided I want to take time off from that world of dance, because the past year I’ve had my whole life and livelihood wrapped around Break the Floor,” he wrote. “And now I’m not going to be dancing again as a part of the group anymore.”

He added, “While I’m grateful for my years of working with Break the Floor and being a part of their world, I am not positive that I can ever dance in that world again. This was not my intent and it’s not what I signed up for.”

Wall thanked his fans and followers for their support.

“This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. One of the most humbling moments I’ve had. However, I’m thankful I had the courage to tell my honest truth because in the end, truth triumphs over lies and in the end, that’s the only thing that matters,” he wrote.

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