Desecrated: ‘Caution Island’ In This Canadian City May Officially Bury The Slow Lane

A closed lane on busy Toronto street for months may turn heads — at least a few drivers — thanks to an unanticipated passage along the busy stretch of road.

Toronto police confirmed Monday to that investigators are looking into an incident in January on Wellington Street West, which has often seen heavy traffic when schools are dismissed.

By the end of February, the lane could be gone for good.

The lane, located just north of Carlaw Avenue, has also been referred to as the “slow lane.”

Another area roadway, St. Lawrence Avenue West, is also devoid of speeders but the lane over there does make some small motorists queasy.

The area, however, is nothing new, causing some residents to call it “Caution Island.” There are some exceptions to the rule however; even TTC buses are allowed to use it as a bus lane, prompting some to grumble over a tight bike lane, Metro reported.

While several residents on the street told Metro they could only drive the slow lane if there was another slower speed limit in effect, motorists spoke with say they are scratching their heads over the closure.

“I’m confused, it’s not something that is very reasonable,” Tom Howlett told the news outlet.

Another driver, whose wife drives the highway, told Metro that she is also looking for a quicker route.

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