Drone Showdown Coming Soon?

by Asa Hawks For Fox News

We all know that drones are on their way but where are we going to put them? There are probably more drones in airports than there are humans out there. If we can’t ship them, we will eventually make them from satellites and let them fly into space on their own.

That’s a big if so we are working on figuring that out. There are cheaper and cleaner methods to make them than actually burning fossil fuels but when are those things going to be ready to be installed? That is where technology comes in and that is where we at Fox News come in. We can figure out a fix for the FAA so that they can put them out on the streets. Right now, they make no sense because they are too strict with the way they are flying these, but that could change soon.

Right now the FAA is trying to push Uber and other ride sharing companies off of using drones, but this could turn into a lawsuit. They can get a judge to rule that they can use them, and then we can make them without a whole lot of interference.

Also, they are working on driverless cars and trucks, but again it’s not exactly going to be a fix yet. What we need is something that makes these things work. As long as they don’t cause too much trouble in the air, they should be able to work.

Also, there’s long term thinking coming from Congress about legalizing these types of activities. Their hope is that they will enable the market to allow the more innovative people in.

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