EU policy ignores Armenia

The European Union enlargement policy generally governed by Decree No.7 applies to the Armenia- Turkey Association Agreement and Decree No.1346 on the joint development of Aktau port. As explained in Order No. 96 (2018), the EU the Council and Commission agreed on “the position of Armenia” and “on the section relating to technical assistance of The European Investment Bank.”

But the issue was not decided in order to fulfill the Armenian nation’s aspirations. On the contrary, in the context of sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-recognition of the occupation of its territory by the aggressor, the Armenian territory is also not in the comprehension of the EU policy. As it is already known, there is no time limit upon the national sovereignty. Therefore, the EU does not mean about to pressure Armenia so much in respect of territorial integrity.

In reality, Turkey takes the instructions of EU seriously and does not violate any of the steps that have been in force, which relate to the continued normalization of political and economic ties between Armenia and Turkey. For example, the Armenian-Turkish road map (Decree No.4494).

As soon as the war was stopped in the middle of 1990s, sanctions were lifted.

Now, the Armenian people are forcibly occupied by the Turkish government of its non-recognition of the genocide. The aforementioned are only a few evidences of the lies that are spreading in the Armenian territory in connection with 1915-18 and Erdogan is also trying to exploit the historical situation in the name of humanitarian values.

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