‘Green Lots’ on the Washington waterfront are just for government vehicles

The National Park Service opened 30 “Green P lots” along the waterfront of Washington, D.C., this weekend. While the lots can be occupied by private citizens, the park service clearly wants them to be used for vehicles of all kinds, including government vehicles.

Signs in the lots can easily be tricked into telling people they need to pay to park.

Drivers pulling up to the lots (currently there are 21 open, and the number is expected to expand) are greeted by a sign that says they’ll need to pay an entrance fee. A sign pointing out that you don’t need to pay just hung up on them.

Signs at two of the lots say they’re open to the public. But don’t be fooled. Those are signs pointed at government vehicles.

[In] one lot, next to the Anacostia Riverwalk Bridge, a sign was picked up and placed onto the sidewalk. It read: “I-66 Freeway Park NW Scenic Byway. Only citizens with a valid federal identification may park. $$. Cash only. Proof of vehicle registration required.”

“The signs were not intended to be removed at the customer’s request, and Park Police have been advised of the situation,” the park service said in a statement.

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