John Anderson’s New 7-part Series: “One needs to revisit these stories”

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Gianni’s all-day picnic.

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“Only last night, someone showed me this story of Gianni Versace for the Palm Beach News-Press. The story was about the mansion. At that mansion people famously come in and go out of the back door. And if you were late, it would have been a huge problem. And then one night, perhaps it was late at night, at about 3 in the morning, the mansion was broken into, robbers stole $5 million, but not all of it. And those five million dollars had to be returned. And they turned over seven million dollars. Apparently, they gave some money back, but they gave other money back, again probably to Gianni Versace. And I was in Boca Raton while this was all going on in the mansion.”

LISTEN to John Anderson:

“What I came away with in this is that this, I was curious, this story caught my eye, because so much of my connection to this country, this world, the American experience is not perceived in Miami Beach or on South Beach. It’s, instead, in my experience much more in the northern part of Florida, the Seminole reservation and all the rest of it. But this tells me that the southern part of the country has an understanding that this story does not have. One needs to revisit these stories, just as you’re contemplating visiting South Florida.”

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