John “Door” Grubb LIVE FROM OMNIMEDIA: Being a Transponder

Hello again from an undisclosed location. The value to our relationship hasn’t changed in years; it just takes different format now that I’m not required to always provide my perspective.

I’ve never told a lie, have always trusted myself and those around me… I’m really proud of how good we have worked to execute against what I believed was true, and how it’s almost always been validated when you realize the high level of failure you experienced made you come to your perspective, and ultimately what you believe, in situations as completely different as life and death. Sometimes I get really lonely when I think back to why my life is the way it is, because I only get one life, and that isn’t a lot of folks thinking the same thing as I do about their beliefs about the future. I’m truly blessed to have an outlet to listen to so many incredibly smart and spiritually well rounded and open-minded people being guided by many spiritual paths throughout my life, and hear why it’s not enough just to sit in a room feeling despair, or to read about people in unfortunate situations just praying to be lucky. This is my life purpose; to be a seeker, a transponder of memories, and the most present thinking humanly possible in the most emotional situations I can imagine.

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