London’s iconic red double-decker bus had its day in court

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Rebecca Dixon is the editor-in-chief of train travel expert Skyscanner

Last week, a sale on London’s iconic red double-decker bus caused online uproar.

But, it wasn’t the train route that was the subject of critical debate but rather the model of transport board chairman Sir John Armitt.

Among those criticizing the red icon was Transport Minister Chris Grayling, who called for the decision to be reversed.

The above post on Twitter. Credit: @JasonTome/PA

“Dear Sir John, we’ve just pulled the plug on your dream,” the Transport Minister tweeted,

“Sorry, didn’t have the complete picture.”

Stunning views

Excitement and affection for London’s legendary buses aside, the debate is really about the carriage on which they operate.

The sleek interiors of modern double-decker buses would have been mocked by passengers living in the “peak” period of the 20th century, when they shared cramped carriages with their hordes of passengers.

Not so long ago, this “tick for tick” model of bus was far more common than their bucket-and-spade counterparts, selling flats and other goods “step-and-step” through the window.

But, times have changed and bus travel in the capital has surged in popularity as big, “next-generation” intercity railway journeys became more profitable.

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