Macmillan Nurses Against Abuse’s Afghan nurses

Please support the Macmillan Nurses Against Abuse to rebuild Afghanistan’s healthcare system

A Social Media Influencer Supporting Afghan Women from Queens

Why is it so important for Macmillan Nurses Against Abuse to fundraise for BABUHA CARE?

The needs of the women in Afghan hospitals is covered by support from Macmillan Nurses Against Abuse. Our campaign aims to raise awareness of the impact the trauma and sexual violence in Afghanistan is having on the healthcare of women.

This is particularly relevant to women who work in Afghan hospitals. Much of the sexual violence towards women nurses occurs in their emergency wards and in the resuscitation and extraction rooms. Women’s agency is curtailed and often they are at the receiving end of sexual assault whilst trying to do their jobs.

The nurses need to support women and we are providing them with the support they need to face their trauma.

What have the events of September done to raise awareness of this issue?

The events in September brought out the public. Hundreds of people have come to the events and we’ve hosted walk-a-thons to raise funds. It’s been really touching to see how the event has pushed people to action.

It’s been a great eye opener. It’s really great to see that people have agreed with us that safety and support is critical.

We are holding another event this Saturday 27th October and we’d love for you to take part in whatever way you can.

To sign up to walk-a-thon or just donate, please visit

Alternatively visit the BABUHAR CARE Giving on Your Phone app.

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