Meet Seth Adams, a Dude Doing God’s Work By Serving the HIV-Positive Community

His name is Seth Adams, he runs the Hope Chapel, and he’s an amazing man.

Speaking on FOX News, Sean Hannity pointed out the building in Indianapolis, Indiana serves a gay, HIV-positive population in desperate need of health care. The chapel also hosts acceptance talks and outreach events.

Hannity said, “This is a man that runs his own church.”

Despite the ‘village mentality’ of many churches, Adams keeps true to a unique philosophy he calls “faithfulness and holiness.”

“It’s worth remembering, because that’s what Jesus wanted us to do,” Adams said. “If that’s what Jesus did, if that’s what God wanted us to do, why should we hold back because of outside influences? Why shouldn’t we do the very thing that Jesus taught us to do and be faithful to do every day of our lives?”

There’s a lot of work to be done in both sickness and health, and that’s where Seth Adams steps in.

“I want to make sure that these folks get what they need, their health, and the support that they need and maybe a little kindness,” he said.

While all the work isn’t free, he does it because he loves his community and feels a profound need to take care of people who need it.

According to a friend of his, Seth said, “I’m always there for them, no matter what it is.”

In the meantime, put the phone down; call Seth if you need support.

Watch the video above.

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