Nina Bohuonova-Suliman Nuanibai ‘Nina/Sahira’ boxing fight-night: Who are the women taking part?

Media playback is not supported on this device Fight-night show: ‘Biggest battle in women’s history’

It’s not for the faint-hearted…

These are two women that look like they are about to embrace the dirtier side of boxing.

Be it dressing in their all black, revealing catsuits or stripping down to just a short dress, these two have sparked controversy.

And what started as an idea by a man is attracting so much attention it has been compared to the original Gladiator movie.

But what exactly is this fight, and why are two female athletes taking part?

‘Nina/Sahira’ takes place at Queensbury Fields, Leeds on 20 July and is being billed as the biggest fight in the history of the sport.

Media playback is not supported on this device Boxer Kovalenko ‘disappointed’ with fighting against champion Nuanibai

Kiev boxer Elisa Kovalenko will take on London – and 2012 Olympic champion – Suliman Nuanibai.

Baroness Jayne Henderson, ambassador for the sport of boxing in the UK, said she was “extremely concerned” by the furore.

“Fighting is about the individual and this is a tough and passionate male versus female battle,” she said.

“There’s no doubt it’s going to be very physical. I hope both women are able to win. The decision must come from the judges and any punches thrown should be judged.

“I also understand this is not just about the fighters, this is about a strong man fighting against a very strong woman. The battle cries, the passion, and where this should be on the prize list – are vital to the level of sporting achievement, to see people fight through male and female stereotypes, and to send a powerful message that the best fighter always wins.”

‘Nina/Sahira fight-night show’ started as a Twitter poll

Nina Bohuonova was in the limelight earlier this year when an apparent threat to the Russian was posted online in the wake of her defeat at the hands of Gina Lewandowski.

She had competed in a men’s fight in Helsinki before and been hailed as a woman of great strength and determination in the fight and the most successful female competitor of all time.

In May, Bomber came up with the ‘Nina/Sahira’ idea to give a female boxer the chance to have their own promotion, some publicity and the chance to get their career back on track.

“Nina is a great boxer with unbelievable character and determination. She used to beat male boxing champions in Finland and performed at the Olympics. She came out of boxing completely in 2010 and is still active.

“Sahira is the first Nigerian born woman to win a national boxing championship in the UK and has been in action in 2013. She wanted to come back into boxing, so hopefully a big fight will help her back.”

Media playback is not supported on this device Woman boxing champ Nuanibai delighted to be part of battle

The ‘Nina/Sahira’ fight-night show on 20 July at Queensbury Fields will be streamed by Ustream.

President of the Women’s World Boxing Association Elana Gururaj said: “I heard about the fight and I am very happy to see the focus go on to encouraging the women’s boxing industry to grow and create more. It will also allow the sport of boxing to be seen a much greater light.

“I look forward to the arrival of Nina and Sahira. If we have good fights and get this sport on TV, everything else will fall into place.”

Nick Knight, who is working on the promotion of the event, said he is confident Nuanibai will prevail over the Latvian fighter.

“You would have to think that it is an incredible opportunity for Nuanibai. She comes from London and has fought on the biggest stage in boxing. It is great publicity for her.”

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