Pinterest launched an initiative to help nonprofits for equal pay, equality and more

On Thursday, Pinterest made its commitment to use changes to its work culture in recent years. The socially conscious online community will use a donation of $50 million to equality-focused nonprofits to fund change. Pinterest, which has grown to more than 200 million users, expects the pledge will bring more than $2 billion to nonprofit organizations in the years to come. The company was under fire after multiple women accused its human resources director of wage discrimination. In a report, The Times reported that “nearly half” of Pinterest’s staff fall into the income bracket of $75,000 to $99,999, and female employees in the same range face lower pay and non-equity on pay scales. “If anything, the news can inspire people in our organization to also think about the values of our culture that we want to uphold, to work for a company that has an aspirational and positive corporate culture,” explained co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann. Silbermann says he initiated a series of reforms at Pinterest to institute “a fully inclusive and fair workplace.”

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