President of the New York Speech Therapy Association on California Governor’s Decision not to Mandate Vaccines

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A new vaccine required to be given to young children in California starting Tuesday will no longer be required after all, Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday. California said it had decided not to require the vaccine after all, after polling showed nearly half of Californians were in favor of a bill that would have required it.

Syracuse doctor Dr. Steven Katz, one of the vaccine’s critics, tweeted: “Brave & courageous adults take responsibility for their personal beliefs, but when it becomes burdensome & burdensome for innocent children, it becomes government overreach & intolerance. #ThankYouGov #NoNonsense #PrayForTrump”

The policy change comes just in time for another near-death experience for vaccines. Parents are being urged to take their children out of school for the week before Christmas, so that they are vaccinated. If you have a child who is sick, and they are not vaccinated, the school will let them out for the week.

So we’ll have to see how Tuesday goes.

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