Putin the athlete: the new medication he’s on

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Ever since taking office in 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been known for his good looks and rock star soundbite skills.

One trait that did not come as a surprise to anyone was his love of extreme sports, including parachute jumps and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

On November 1, however, it was revealed that Putin, 65, is a converted medical man, and has even taken the experimental nasal vaccine COVID — known in the United States as Motrin M RF Defense.

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“Those things you know are routine,” he told journalists in a televised question and answer session following a recent military display on the main Azov Sea bridge linking the Black Sea to Crimea.

“But my girlfriend asked me, ‘Well, what are you doing in hospital?’ I told her I was at the hospital, working on an experimental drug which is used in Syria.

“She said, ‘Why aren’t you out being active like you used to be?’ Then I realized, I work about three months out of every 12 months. I am looking forward to it, I am looking forward to this development.”

Coven-in trials in Syria

COVID is an investigational treatment developed by Pyotr Partilov of the Novocure biotechnology group.

It was invented in 2014 in which a neurotoxin from the saliva of the bromodomain plant — Syntoxa — is injected into the nasal passage. An irreversible irreversible debilitating disease is created in the victim due to the failure of two cellular defenses to function in a natural manner, said Partilov.

COVID is currently used in six countries, including Ukraine, and its use has grown dramatically since Russia deployed forces to the east. With the deployment of the advance medical brigade, under Vyacheslav Borisov, it was developed to relieve trauma casualties.

The new pill has been successfully tested in a dilute inhalation form and Russian officials believe it will be more effective in extracting samples from both clinically active patients and the body’s immune cells.

‘Amazing’ taste

It has the potential to be effective in dealing with patients with more severe cardiovascular conditions, with a special concentration of COVID is also being tested in cancer patients with a very low detectable level in their blood. It has reportedly taken the top spot in “seller’s market value” in Russia.

“We actually show a lot of results, and if the data is clear, then we start ordering and the health ministry start the procurement,” said Partilov.

“So we’ve planned a great quantity of pills and also have tested different forms of the medicine that works very well and here is the one that works most.”

Partilov notes that COVID pills can take 10 years to develop but adds that “we expect the game changer is to be delivered to the market in 1st half of 2019.”

A recent HNTec study found the right ingredients to give COVID the necessary defense against chemical and biological attacks in Syria, noting that COVID has been found effective in gastrointestinal disease, sexual dysfunction, and diabetes.

In the panda bear video: Caramel Putin gets excited about peanut butter

“This is so amazing! Most food had lost its nutritional value, and this was a solution of which our future health centers are so pleased,” Putin said, as reporters watched a brief clip of COVID in action.

“For the heart the therapy is called clopidogrel,” he continued. “If this pill can work as well as it works today, then we can talk about a huge achievement for the world.”

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