Real Fairytale Cinderella performance goes viral

Published by the Pirate FM News Team at 3:19pm 9th October 2019. (Updated at 3:25pm 9th October 2019)

Fairytale Cinderella told us ‘do what you want when you’re alone’ – but what the young girl did was completely different to what fairy godmother Fairies told her to.

Sylvia has the real story of what happened when she got a 14-year-old girl to scrub the stage floor of the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

The power duo added insult to injury when they got her to scrub her partner’s self respect with sugar and spice instead.

However, she didn’t know that magical woodland creatures would also use the same naughty lyrics…

Sylvia said: “After the show, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, even though I should be getting ready for work and the next day’s clubbing.

“It was all worth it, because after going viral across the country, we’ve been flooded with messages and support from people across the world.

“But while people on social media were giving us some wonderful support, I was overwhelmed by the people who turned against us for telling Cinderella to have sex.

“People need to get over their love for Cinderella.

“People get in love with fairy tales because they are fantasy, not because it’s true.

“But they need to realise that not all fairy tales are suitable for young people.

“The positive is that they do realise that things can change in their own relationships.

“Sex is exciting, but don’t tell your princess what you’re feeling just because it’s her favourite song.

“I never believed Cinderella was that good of a fairy Godmother, but she definitely will be when she finds herself on her own.”

Kyran said: “We recorded this song for a specific reason, but using the pop-culture formula to aid empowering teenage girls was a side effect of it.

“We have realised that when young girls think sex should be OK, they feel better about themselves.

“At its core this song is about the importance of realising that everyone is messy and unique.

“To teach teenage girls the importance of self-esteem when facing stress from boys. The key thing is to teach this – and do it right, not to make quick-fix solutions which are going to make the situation worse.

“Once we realised that this was not our grand message to share with the world, we got the (long) lyrics of Cinderella to sound less glamorous and a lot more empowering.

“And, it is because of this that we do feel we have got a positive message from our video and the interactions that have been shared online.”

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother (Sylvia and Chloe) will be performing their ‘Never End’ song at This is The Place events across the country this month, as part of Your Space In Soho’s Street Level project.

To find out more about the project go to

‘Have a hideously naughty Cinderella’

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