Report: Drunken Englishman breaks into Colosseum in Rome

Written by Staff Writer

The Colosseum is home to the world’s oldest continuously occupied structure. But as you might imagine, this Roman stronghold isn’t exactly a fortress — nor is it exactly ‘safe’ for those who visit.

Many of its ancient columns are either gone or broken, and hundreds of people have been killed by falling chunks of concrete. Tourists wishing to avoid risk were thus unlikely to find any trouble in getting to and from the Colosseum on Sunday.

But however regimented the approach to this archaeological gem may seem, one boozed-up Englishman wasn’t deterred, and did exactly that.

English tourist breaks into Colosseum in an attempt to urinate. Video courtesy WTF News

In video posted to Facebook and filmed by wtfnews , a man is seen jumping into the ancient site as a full-on beer can is poured in from a nearby bottle.

The footage has since been shared thousands of times and has garnered more than 20,000 comments, some suggesting the man should be fined or thrown out, while others express surprise at the reporter’s inability to take the “birds out of the trees.”

Shortly after the video went viral, the man was revealed to be Christopher Elliott , a travel journalist and CNN contributor

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