Shanghai ‘walking building’ suspended 80m in the air

Image copyright EPA Image caption What might look like strange apparatus is actually a suspended stairway

A shop in Shanghai, China, has moved thousands of feet in the air – using an inflatable structure that alternates weight on each side.

The “walking building” is in Fuxing District, near the city’s Temple of Heaven.

A cross country company, Wei Jie Construction, carries out the construction using huge helium-filled sacks.

The press agent surnamed Ke is leading the company with 200 staff members.

Image copyright EPA Image caption A Chinese project manager swings on a rope to ensure the structure is upright

He said some 200 people attached to the structure working behind his back have been “overtaking” it with small rafts, driving the structure around the block.

Meanwhile, he told the Guardian: “A lot of people use lifts when they can – but you know, the elevator is quite loud. When I use the walkable construction, it’s silent. There’s no sound.”

Image copyright EPA Image caption The suspended staircase reaches a height of about 70m

The public has given it a mixed reaction.

On Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese microblogging platform, most people thought it was absurd.

Others even said it was dangerous. The structure is suspended 70m above the ground from a cross-country machine.

Image copyright EPA Image caption One building-walking retailer has witnessed a miraculous break-in

Possibly, no one has ever seen a building walking its way to its new destination.

Wei Jie Construction also recently provided services such as ‘catwalk seats’, which offer catwalk-style lights on a construction site.

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