Spoilers! 13 movie scenes that totally turned out wrong

But he’s not the only actor to get a wee stagey moment

From Skyfall to Mission: Impossible – although it’s still unclear if he really did do a suprise turn by leaping out of the plane. The Hollywood actor was filming in Istanbul, Turkey, on Saturday, according to some reports. The same, however, was denied by the city’s governor, Irfan Yalcin, who told local reporters: “We’ve had no reports of this, Tom Cruise did not jump out of a plane during filming and had no stunt double.” At the time of writing, no more information is available, and it is unknown how many shots the film was filming or what film to the second film. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cruise revealed that it was his idea to film the scene.

He said: “I really jumped out of the plane and didn’t have a stunt double. It was supposed to happen in the movie, the way we did it. “But, after seeing the footage from safety cameras, I said, ‘don’t do that! If it’s going to look fake, we’re going to have to change it.’ So we decided to do a body double.” Speaking about his enthusiasm to leap out of the plane’s chute and into the turbulent waters below, he told the Daily Mail: “It was the only way to approach the scene, I could not jump out of the plane because there were too many cameras. But what’s a stunt in movies if you have a body double? “You jump off the Empire State Building, right? It doesn’t have a 16 camera crew, right? This has a cast and crew. This has everyone – my family. It’s so important.”

Mission Impossible movie reveal: Tom Cruise jumps out of plane in Istanbul

Mission Impossible movie reveal: Tom Cruise hangs out of plane in Istanbul

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