The best books for political junkies

With a midterm election looming, what better time to make everyone on your list a reader? If you’re looking for fresh reads with a little added politics, there’s something for every taste and background. The best publishers are releasing literary fiction in their spring catalogues: National Geographic books, St. Martin’s, and Penguin Random House, for example, have a piece of the political spotlight on their bookshelves. Here’s a sampling of what your friends, family, colleagues and guests can buy this season.

St. Martin’s Griffin Other Press, a Penguin Random House imprint, is releasing five political books in the spring. The book you give, why?

Jack Bright, published March 4: The Catholic Church Will Be Easy to Clean Up From A Catholic Paper Outside

Aviva Shapiro, published March 4: The Truth About Feminism

Hachette Salman Rushdie, released March 4: Joseph Anton: A Memoir

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, published March 4: RBG: A Memoir

Joshua Green, published March 5: The World According to Trump

We’ll soon see what Melania Trump looks like with reading glasses, a smoke ring and the perfect words to write about the youngest first lady.

National Geographic Books, a National Geographic imprint, is releasing eight new books in the spring.

Marisa Roth, published March 1: Heaven in America

John Landy, published March 1: The Fascination with Fake News

Jonathan Schiller, published March 4: Human Humankind: The Evolution of Man

Excerpts from Landy’s book in the March issue of the Washingtonian will go on sale shortly.

St. Martin’s Griffin Other Press, a Penguin Random House imprint, is releasing four books, all political books. You should give me my very own copy of Surrender, argued by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and anti-Trump investigator Bob Mueller.

Fischer, published February 12: Exit Regime: How the Game of Dictatorships is Changing

Knopf Jess Walter, published March 5: Influence: The Art of Getting What You Want in Life, Career, and Politics

Who doesn’t want to win at politics? Or at life, career and politics?

Hachette Random House, a Random House imprint, is releasing eight new books in the spring.

Michael R. Bloomberg, published March 11: On Fire: The Founding Fathers and the Fight for American Democracy

Martin Luther King, Jr., Meredith Brody, published March 11: The Civil Rights Genealogies

Lehmann Collins, published March 14: Why Are You Leaving So Much That Isn’t Working?

Hot Topic Michael Daly, published March 14: The Crawl Space: Justice and Executive Power in the Trump Era

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