This photographer is all about telling stories, not shows. But his latest book is epic.

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Photographer Matt Boghosian is used to showcasing the most dangerous animal in the world. It’s just what he’s always done.

Boghosian is known for his time spent taking hundreds of photos with big cats in Africa. His 11 books, with an average of 150 pages per book, feature that wild side of the planet and the individual animals involved.

He has a knack for noticing the distinction between the natural and the historical — and getting stunning shots he thinks illustrate each well.

Now he’s put his photography to a new purpose.

Boghosian was diagnosed with lymphoma this past year, and it has been a challenge since he no longer had the energy to travel or work from a hotel.

His cancer diagnosis led him to set aside the grand ideas that inspired his career and focus on this, a tiny survival. He now focuses on creating clear and concise pieces that run a little less than 1,000 words and are for sale on Amazon.

His first book, “Timeless Landscapes” (available in November on Amazon), delves into the wildlife of and with Africa, but it’s the lighter content of it’s B-story about the star-crossed romance between a shepherd and his leopard that’s really his pet project.

Throughout the year, Boghosian has also done work around the world, but his only chance to finish creating “Myths & Monsters” and a gallery of animal portraits is on Christmas Eve — at the end of this month.

Here’s how Boghosian’s personal struggle pinged his world.

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