Trump’s campaign magic doesn’t change the math in midterm contests

Washington, DC – Trump is having an impact on candidate selection in a way no previous president has – behind the scenes, while delivering strong endorsement at campaign rallies, and publicly Tweeting out massive support for favored candidates in contested Senate races. Unlike other candidates of this era who avoid the democratic process to build their political support, Trump has made a successful appeal for campaigning support from the United States. The result is that an electorate that used to be considered more sceptical of a Republican party run amok seems now to have moved closer to endorsing a President far ahead of schedule.

Trump’s impact on political contests has so far been limited largely to two candidates: Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. While Trump’s recent trip to Alabama to stumping for Moore, now down to the final days of the runoff battle between two primary rivals, was his first time campaigning in a senate primary contest, he has consistently endorsed Baldwin in a very public manner. But he has in addition allowed Republican lawmakers to carry out a mega-expenditure campaign against Baldwin in Wisconsin, with tens of millions of dollars in radio and television spots, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee enthusiastically funding this of course.

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