Your daily horoscope for October 4, 2018

Aries | You’ll realize you’re being cheated by a companion, causing you to run off to another country.

Taurus | You’ll disagree with someone and be wrong, before eventually deciding that you know best.

Gemini | Before you blow your credibility in an argument with someone who actually believes your theory, ask yourself: Do you really think you can be right about this whole thing?

Cancer | A stylish skirt will completely discredit your existence to a wide audience, leading you to ask yourself: Do I even exist?

Leo | Since you’re so incredibly talented, it would behoove you to try applying it to real-world problems.

Virgo | Despite what Hollywood would like you to believe, your star isn’t in the sky, it’s just that you’re wearing a bedsheet.

Libra | Relationships have often gotten stale, or they should have gotten stale, but they have never gotten stale just because you gave them another five-year contract.

Scorpio | This is so silly, you want it to end now. With the collapse of the United States, maybe you should have tried it.

Sagittarius | Don’t let your stubbornness prevent you from entertaining the idea of shared experiences. It’s such a great lesson to learn about compromise.

Capricorn | Callously, a woman at your department store has stolen your knickknacks and pretended to be you.

Aquarius | Since you suddenly have way more time on your hands, write three new short stories.

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