Your new friends on a jet plane – Easair

Trying to beat a fuel shortage, the Taiwanese aerospace and defence firm Easair has launched its own airline from a clean sheet of paper – with a feature that proves anything is possible

Trying to beat a fuel shortage and fill its fleet-sized needs, Easair has unveiled its Boeing 787 Dreamliner, complete with a custom-designed interior, well-appointed business class and a guest cabin too tiny to fit a 16-person cabin.

With plans to launch its first flights in December, Easair has created a glossy international ad campaign to persuade would-be passengers to choose its new airline, and get a taste of what the far east is like after your business class has been overbooked.

Harold Lin, the Taiwanese aerospace and defence firm that created the surprise collaboration, said: “We wanted a plane that was clean, quiet and cool, plus very luxurious. It is the culmination of a team effort between the office, new product development and the client.

“It also marks the first time that a Taiwanese aerospace and defence firm has created a full interior of an airplane and its associated baggage service … We wanted to show that Easair and Boeing were the right partners to help us deliver our first-class service.”

Before you book Easair’s air service, however, you may want to check whether it actually exists – a rare bird indeed, as the aircraft manufacturer previously collaborated with Chinese officials to produce ‘fake Beijing’ Airbuses to test for accuracy.

But in a bizarre new twist, the airline of the future has already taken off. Easair’s Kao Wing’s bird, dubbed Hamlet, has landed at Taiwan’s Ming Fu airport for around a year of maintenance tests before the company takes its first flights from December.

Its debut commercial ad is expected to appear in the next week or so.

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